Abaya Raqia

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The Abaya is most commonly found in Islamic countries with large Muslim populations.


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The Abaya is most commonly found in Islamic countries with large Muslim populations. These are known by various names, but serve the same purpose, which is to cover. We are presenting here, our product the Abaya Jilbab Kaftan, a timeless and ageless fashionable product which always represents your beauty and personality. In our collection, you get a floor length Abaya which has a maxi dress style and covers the entire body. But the hands, face and head are not covered with the Kaftan. The product is elegantly designed and has a very popular round neck shape. It has a three step layer design made with the same color fabric around the neck. The layer edge has an attractive wavy shaped design. These resplendent combinations increase more when the same color matches three gorgeous and glossy buttons on the upper layer. Abaya Jilbab Kaftan is a free size product which is fit for all girls and women. The product Kaftan is made from the finest quality materials, which provide stunning comfort for you. It is a whole long sleeve maxi dress with an adjustable band on the sleeves before the wrist. The product has a precise length of 150 cm. It is suitable for all climates. The Kaftan gives remarkable and effective service. The Abaya Kaftan comes in an appreciable peach skin color exactly the same as shown in the picture. It is made of high quality piece fabric material. The Abaya works according to your expectation. It is ideal for your identity and safety when you use it. You can use it regularly everywhere since it is very comfortable for travelling as well. The product is incredibly durable. Because of best quality material, it also balances the temperature of your body and you feel comfortable. The product is both machine and dryer compatible. It looks of very high standard and in reality is identical to the pictures shown. Our vision is to provide standard services that exceed the expectations of all the customers. We understand and have much concern about our product quality because of business market competition. We believe that we can build a long term business relationship with our clients and provide outstanding customer service which gives support to achieve business success. Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. If you are looking simple but like variety and want to try something new and different then we highly recommend this Abaya Jilbab Kaftan. It can be used regularly at all times. Considering the price it is pretty good value for your budget.

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Gewicht 1 kg
Größe 100 × 150 cm


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