gladthink Thobe für Herren mit langen Ärmeln arabischen Muslim Wear Kalb Länge

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Hier gladthink ist, haben wir Damen-Badeanzug Muslim Hijab Schals, muslimische Frauen Lady swimwears, muslimischen Mädchen Badeanzug swimwears, muslimischen Hals, muslimischen underscarf inner-cap und anderen muslimischen Maxi Kleider und Kaftan. Außerdem haben wir muslimischen Mens thobes, dishdasha.
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52/S: Brustumfang: 111,8 cm Länge: 134,6 cm Schulter: 45 cm
54/M: Brust: 115,8 cm Länge: 137,9 cm Schulter: 46 cm
56/L: Brustumfang: 121,9 cm Länge: 143 cm Schulter: 47 cm
Länge: 58/XL: Brust: 128 cm 148,1 cm Schulter: 49 cm
Länge: 60/XXL: Brust: 135,9 cm 153,9 cm Schulter: 50,8 cm
62/XXXL: Brustumfang: 142 cm Länge: 159 cm Schulter: 52,8 cm

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Black, Coffee, Lightgray, White

5 Bewertungen für gladthink Thobe für Herren mit langen Ärmeln arabischen Muslim Wear Kalb Länge

  1. Ray H…

    I really liked it – the pattern and style fit great and I might just buy a few more.I was using it as a skull cap under my motorcycle helmet.I am not very religious and didn’t buy it for religious purposes -But I really like it.

  2. Aminah

    Definitely worth the price and the quality is not bad but I would recommend with any of these do not put in the dryer. Hot water will likely cause shrinkage

  3. Saifur

    This is a wonderful Muslim hat. I have bought it during Ramadan, and it fits as expected. The only problem I had is the top part of the cap is not finished nicely. I have to push the hat to cover my head entirely. Other than that I love it. I even wear it for daily prayer

  4. Chess2016

    White, the absence of color, is a symbol of purity. I wear the Kufi to remind me to think and act with purity. This headwear is light, very reasonably priced, and useful for cool or cold weather to protect the head.

  5. Nath’l. D. Aiken

    Shalom aleikum/ As-Salaam alaikum!I am Jewish by birth and practice, knowledgable in both Islam and Judaism. My head however, is really too large for the standard kippot I find in Judaica stores. So, I turned to my religious brothers in Islam to find a prayer cap which would fit. This is perfect! Thank you both A.K. Books and! May G-d/ Allah smile on both of you and Bless you! P.S. you can wear this under a kaffiyeh and hold both down with an Agal/igel. All of these products are available through A.K. books shipped this two days earlier than the due date of July 1, 2013. Shalom!

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