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Rani is a very famous brand name for henna and is made in Saudi Arabia with the best herbal ingredients.


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Rani is a very famous brand name for henna and is made in Saudi Arabia with the best herbal ingredients. It is 100% halal, natural and gentle for all skin types. Not only is it Sunnah (the Prophet Muhammad SAWS has practiced this), it also has a healing effect. Waterproof, henna dermatologically harmless, has no side effects and does not cause skin irritation. Longer lasting beauty. Just open the package, screw on the nozzle and apply it! Quick drying, permanent dark color, instructions for use are in the tube box! No More Chemical Reactions ITEM DESCRIPTION RANI Nail Henna Tattoo Paste Tube Herbal Finest Quality Saudi Original HQ 6 gm 100% Natural and Organic THE MOST POPULAR NAIL HENNA IN THE WORLD International Widely Applicable Rani is very famous brand name in HENNA and it is sold in Saudi Arabia, manufactured using the best in herbal ingredients. It is 100% halal, natural and safe for all skin types. Not only is it Sunnah (practiced by Prophet Muhammad SAWS), but it also has medicinal properties too. Waterproof Henna Physically safe, has no side effects and no irritation Longer lifespan enhance your beauty Just open screw on nozzle and apply! Quick-drying, durable dark color, full of instructions on the Tube Box! What is henna? Henna is the Persian name for a shrub known as Lawson inermis. Henna comes from Asia and the Mediterranean coast of Africa and now lives in warmer climates around the world. It has small, four petaled flowers from yellow to pink and its leaves produce a bright dye. Twice a year the leaves are harvested, dried and turned into a fine powder. This powder is used to dye hair and for the ancient eastern arts. Henna contains hennotannic acid, a dye that binds with the collagen in the skin cells and leaves keratin from fingernails and hair, leaving behind a light tint. How To Apply Nail Henna On Your Nail And Wait An Hour, Then Wash Your Nails With Soap If You Need More Darker Color, Please Apply Again Henna After 24 Hours On Your Nail Nail Why Use Our Henna Our Henna Is 100% naturally from the plant without additives Made from the finest and finest natural materials and has no side effect * * Can be used for all types of skin, with no exceptions No need for beauty anymore SALOONS & SPA !!!! * Very easy way to use. * 100% natural ingredients * No side effect or allergic reaction, Suitable for all types of skins and hair. This is a beautiful piece! A great find for the Egyptian treasure collector Condition: 100% NEW EGYPTIAN HANDMADE with high quality Quantity: 1 pack Color: Weight (approx.): 8 – 9 GM each (1 pack) Material: 100% natural HENNA size Packing (approx .): 3.4 „x 0.8“ INCH = 8.5 x 2 cm

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