Sugaring Paste 50g

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This is sugaring paste not liquid sugaring . that needs spatula to apply NO MORE NEED FOR THE BEAUTY SALOONS & SPA !!!! Waxing is so much better than shaving. Shaving dries the skin and makes hair grow faster and thicker. It creates a cycle of shaving and faster hair growth, drier skin and irritation followed by more shaving just to get smooth skin. Throw those razors away ladies! It’s not worth it at all, ????? How to use To use the Egyptian Easy sweet wax, unwrap it, and work the wax in your hands until it turns light and is easy to manipulate. If it is hard to kneed, use a few drops of water to soften it up a bit. Gently press the wax onto the skin in the direction of the hair growth. Rip the wax off in the opposite direction. You can use and reuse the wax over and over until it disintegrates. One cube is enough to do both legs and your bikini line. The best part? It washes off with water very easily and if your kids eat it it’s no big deal How to soften the wax if its hard ( hot shower ) 1- put some water in a pot and start heating the water 2- put unopened pack of the wax in a hot water ( dont open the wax pack just put it as its in the hot water ) 3- wait few minutes and feel the packet from while to while , you will fell that it become soften 4- get it out from the water and start using it . * An Egyptian traditional way for beauty care,this natural wax removes the hair from its roots in a very fast way and keeps the skin very soft and clean. * This tool can remove full row of hair each time while the tweezers can only remove one single hair each time. * Very simple way to use. * 100% Natural ingredients : Sugar, water, citric lemon * No side effect or allergic reaction ,Suitable for all kind of skins. * Can be applied at room temperature with no heating necessary * Can be reused on same area without fear of irritation * Repeated applications make hair grow less thick and less frequent * Easily cleaned up with water HANDCRAFTED IN EGYPT!!! OUR ITEMS ARE 100% HANDMADE BY HIGHLY SKILLFUL CRAFTSMEN IN EGYPT!! This is one gorgeous piece! A great find for the Egyptian treasure collector Condition: 100% NEW EGYPTIAN HANDMADE WITH HIGH QUALITY Quantity : Choose quantity Color: SEE PICTURE Weight (Approx.) : 50 gm each (1 packs) Material: 100% natural sugaring wax Size (Approx.) : Expiray date : 10 / 2020

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